Bass Reading 1

Bass Reading 1

Learn the basic elements of notated music on the bass

Bass Reading 1 teaches the basic elements of notated music on the bass, covering fundamental notation, understanding chart symbols, song forms, and composition sections, all introduced through performance examples. The course concentrates on three main topics: Pitch, Rhythm, and Chart Reading. Reading music is the combination of being able to recognize pitch names on the staff with identifying rhythms indicated by written note types. It is helpful to isolate these two separate disciplines. Strengthening each of these makes for stronger reading overall.

The chart reading sections of this course examine overall approaches to reading music as it is presented in real-world situations. Structures of song form, chord symbols, and general music writing conventions are discussed. Each book in the MI Reading series for bass includes extensive fretboard diagrams, reading drills, and notated examples.

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  • Ivan Bodley
  • Stig Mathisen