The Musicians Institute Bookstore

About the Bookstore

The Musicians Institute Bookstore is a virtual bookstore where texts and workbooks required for Musicians Institute Quarters 1-4 can be purchased. After purchase, books can be viewed in a variety of free apps for Apple and Android devices, and Apple and Windows “desktop reader” applications.

Finding Your Books

Books are organized by instrument and quarter, as well as convenient packages where all required books for a given instrument and quarter are available with one-click. If you are shopping at our webstore for text books, we recommend the use of these prebuilt packages as they are the quickest and easiest way to locate and purchase the books you need.

Viewing Your Books

For books purchased through our webstore, you can use any one of our free viewer apps (iOS, Android, OSX or Windows) to view your books. At checkout, you will create a user account with password that you can use to access your purchases in one of these apps.

For information on viewing books purchased through one of our iOS or Android apps, please click here.